The 2017 Beauty Trends You Still Need To Try

If I’m totally honest, I don’t really like beauty trends. I more or less know what suits me, what formulas my skin can tolerate and what colours compliment or clash with my skin tone. However, trends can be a great way to find inspiration and get a little out of your comfort zone occasionally. There are some trends best left in the past – I’m thinking high glosses and ashy eyeshadows – but there are a lot of beauty trends that can transcend the years and be used time and time again. Here are my top three 2017 beauty trends that you still need to try in 2018:



The Cushion

Cushion foundations, cushion blushers, cushion highlighters… there’s a reason they became a trend – they’re just bloody amazing! Just like using a beauty blender or sponge for your cream products, cushion packaging delivers just the right amount of product and gives a super natural, easy-to-blend finish. They are truly the novice’s best friend – it’s almost impossible to go too heavy or cakey with a cushion product. Featured here (and highly recommended!) is the YSL Fushion Ink Cushion Foundation, but I would highly recommend trying out Lancome’s range of cushion blushers, too!


Red Eyeshadow

After all, 2017 WAS the year the Urban Decay HEAT palette launched. As scary as it may sound, a warm, paprika eye is actually quite easy to pull off and doesn’t make you look like you’re a demon. The trick is to find a red or orange shade that complements your eye colour – that is, go for a golden-orange if you’re blue-eyed, for a more true red if you’re green, and a deeper maroon if you’ve got darker eyes. You can go as intense as you want – full on all-over-the-lid colour, or break it up with a more neutral pink or gold on the middle/highlight of your lid. Once you’ve found your perfect shade, a red eye can be SUPER flattering and really something special.



Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

At the beginning of the year, it was all about the poppin’ highlight. Then it was about dewy foundation. And now it’s about natural looking radiance. Whichever way you look at it, it seems glowing, hydrated skin is our most coveted look of pure health – and for good reason (and a much better reason that the trend back in the day when a deep red sunburn was supposed to exude ‘glowing health’).  We know that sun protection and hydration, both through our daily 2 litres and the creams we put on our face, help preserve the elasticity and youthful nature of our skin, so this trend is definitely something I can get behind. Daily moisturisers, using Hyaluronic Acid formulas underneath to lock in the goodness, and three to four times weekly moisturising masks are all good ways to buy into this trend. And who doesn’t love a good highlighter?!



Ronja is FABSOC’s 2018 President and a huge beauty and fashion enthusiast. She’s currently studying her third year of Psychology and Languages, but also has a wide range of interests outside of uni life – you can find her writing or taking photos for her own lifestyle blog, drinking a tonne of tea and coffee, having a chill out on her yoga mat, or organising FABSOC’s next upcoming event.


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